ITC Professional Sound System Solution for Concert

Product List  Product Name  Model  Audio Feedback Suppressor  TS-234  Mic Processor  TS-211  24 Channel Mixer with 4 Group  TS-24P-4  Audio Matrix Processor  TS-P880  UHF Wireless Mic  T-521UH  8 Channel Power Sequencer  TS-820  Professional Stereo Amplifier  TS-700PI  High-end Entertainment Loudspeaker  TS-812  High-end Loudspeaker  TS-612F  Actice Line Array Loudspeaker  LA-2800P/LA-1800P System Features 1. ITC Audio Matrix Processor use standard TCP/IP network control protocols, which   can input and output 8 channel balanced mic/line audio signal at same time to realize remote network audio transmission and audio sharing at large sound system place, especially large concert stage. 2. Active line array speaker(LA-2800P&LA-1800P) as the main speaker,  TS-812, TS-612F loudspeaker as assistant speaker,

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