Directional Speaker System

● Ultra directional sound beam
● Rated power: 25W
● SPL: 85dB@2m 1kHz
● Sound beam angle: (-6db) < 10°
● Ultrathin design of 23mm, high tech and elegant
● Three acoustic modes:
● Spotlight Mode, Virtual Speaker Mode, Sound Shower Mode



The LA1525SD hyper directional speaker can deliver a narrow beam of sound to a desired area while preserving silence around it, or allowing the co-existence of different sounds in the same space without mixing or interfering. The audio-beam created by LA1525SD can cut through noisy environments and deliver a headphone-like experience for the listener.

The LA1525SD speaker offers highly directional distribution of sound, which is reproduced clearly – without distortion – even at high volumes. The speaker itself is easy to use – you only need to connect the audio output of your source device (such as portable music player, laptop, DVD-player etc.) with the speaker and you are ready to go.

Speaker LA1525SD
Rated Power 25W
SPL 85dB@2m 1kHz
Input Impedance 10kΩ
Dimension 292*163*23mm
Amplifier MP1525SD
Rate Power 25W
Power Supply AC 110~220V/50/60Hz


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