Restaurant Paging Systems

Restaurant Paging Systems

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How It Works

A visual paging system that allows the restaurant manager to communicate the desired level of output at each cooking station to the kitchen staff. #1 is the lowest level of production, “P” is the peak level or highest level of production. The Drive-Thru Control Switch allows the drive-thru person to call the manager for assistance without leaving the station.
A door Chime calls attention to the lighting of a new number. Typically, each cooking station has a chart that lists the minimum quantity in the holding bin. When the minimum is reached (say, 6 small fries for level #4 ), then more product is cooked and placed in the holding box.
  1. Manager Control Switch Panel
    Mount on wall at eye level in convenient location for manager, 32-ft. cable.
  2. Number Panel
    Mount on wall near ceiling; must be visible by entire cooking staff.
  3. Chime
    Mount next to Number Panel; calls attention to lighting of a new number, 10-ft. cable.
  4. Drive-Thru Control Switch (Optional)
    Mount next to Drive-Thru window so cashier can call manager, 35-ft. cable.
  5. Transformer 
    12-volt, 40-watt unit provides safe, low voltage for system, 10-ft. cable

Assisted Living Nurse Call System
Give residents an easy way to call for assistance. Notify all your staff when a resident presses a call button.

Church Nursery Paging System
Call parents without interrupting the service. Page them from the nursery with just a push of a button.

Dental Office Paging System
Call for assistance with just a push of a button. Let your staff or doctors know when they are needed and where.

Hospital Nurse Call System
Give patients an easy way to call for assistance. Notify all your staff when a patient presses a call button.

Logistics Truck Driver Pagers
Notify truck drivers when it is their turn in the loading dock and eliminate inefficient overhead and intercom.

Manufacturing Paging System
Notify supervisors, technicians and quality control staff of a need of assistance. Reduce costly time waste and machine down time.

Medical Office Paging System
Call for assistance from any exam room. Let your staff or doctors know when they are needed and where.

Optometry Office Paging System
Notify your staff or doctors of any situation, request or update no matter where they are in the office.

Restaurant Pagers
From guest pagers to call your guests when is their turn to server pagers to alert servers when they have an order ready.

Retail Paging System
Give customers an easy way to call for assistance and help them find what they are looking for.

Spa and Salon Paging System
Let your stylists know when they have a customer ready for them no matter where they are in the salon.

Warehouse Paging System
Keep all your staff in communication with a push of button. Make it easy to send messages and instructions to the staff.


Receiver Features:
1.Rechargeable design, comes with charging cable, more convenient to use.
2.LCD display, it supports time display and English user-friendly menu, simple operation.
3.It has multiple methods to remind, flashing, vibration and ringtone.
4.It is widely used in banks, restaurants, hotels, factories, hospitals, offices, leisure clubs, etc.
5.The transmission distance is 1500 meters in open area, and the actual indoor working distance is 100-150 meters.
6.Using 3.7V polymer lithium battery, the theoretical standby time is about 15 days.
7.It has dormancy function. The function of clock and alarm clock still works but won’t receive calls under this mode, which can reduce the power consumption.
Transmitter Features:
1.Place it on the table or on the wall, press the button and the indicator lights up and send the signal to the receiver.
2.Fashionable and beautiful appearance, silica gel keys is waterproof and comfortable to use.
3.Mini size and lightweight, convenient to carry and easy to use.
4.Adopts professional communication elements, ensures the stability of signal transmission.
5.World-class coding mode, no messy code.
6.Anti-temperature and humidity change, safe, stable and high reliability.

Quantity: 10 transmitter+1 receiver
Model: CTW06+CTT19
Voltage: 100-240V
Options: US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug
Receiver Specification:
Receiver model: CTW06
Host capacity: 500
Language: Support Chinese and English
Prompt mode: vibration, beeping, flashing
Receiving sensitivity: 110dBm
Storage capacity: 20 groups
Power supply: 3.7V 250mAh lithium battery
Standby: . 15 days
Receiving frequency: 433.92MHz
Overall dimension: 50*41*14mm/2*1.6*0.5inch (excluding watchband)
Transmitter Specification:
Transmitter model: CTT19
Material: ABS
Battery: 23A 12V battery
Overall dimension: 57.5*57.5*7.2mm/2.3*2.3*0.3inch

Package list:
1 x Receiver (watch)
10 x Transmitter (button)
1 x Manual
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging plug
1 x Double sided adhesive tape

To do pairing with transmitter, you need to connect the receiver wristwatch to the power supply and hold down two keys of receiver and transmitter at the same time to enter the pairing option.