Paperless Conference System

Paperless Conference System

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  • Jan, 09 2020
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Product introduction

The intelligent interactive paperless conference system is customized for the government, enterprises and large group enterprises. It provides powerful conference application functions, including: conference information uploading, document distribution, reading, document notification, conference attendance, voting, electronic whiteboard, interactive document transmission, video interactive transmission, conference communication, message notification, conference service, conference records, and etc. The system has some characteristics like rich functions, simple and intuitive interface, easy operation, stable and reliable. It can help conference organizers greatly reduce the work pressure, easy to conduct on-site control of the meeting, improving the efficiency of the participants meeting, meanwhile, saving a lot of printing costs and projection equipment, in full compliance with low-carbon, environmental philosophy.

Product Features

1. Pre-session function

Function module: According to the meeting situation to select the personnel management, conference agenda, problem management, meeting minutes, voting settings, conference exchange,

centralized control, staffing and other functional modules, paperless conference terminal matching.

Conference establishment: According to the meeting situation to set the meeting theme, host, secretary, meeting time and expected ending time, meeting location and other conference information, match the paperless conference terminal.

Conference preset: system supports conference preset function, user can set the meeting information and theme documents in advance according to the meeting situation, support one key to start, support multiple preset meeting information, support default meeting setting.

Personnel management: the information input of the participants support one-to-one setting, support staff information batch input, support staff permission setting: chairman function, broadcast permission, export permission, sign-free function, tender permission, and file view permission.

Theme management: Set theme before meeting, support multi theme setting at the same time, support them right setting, theme file format is not limied, Including WORD, EXCEL, PPT, PDF, CAD, etc., ; audio format: MP3 / WMA; picture formats: JPG / JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG upload. Support the original file uploading , no need secondary format conversion.

Voting Management: set voting and voting content, set the voting methods such as: real name vote, anonymous vote, scoring vote, customerized vote, and selective vote.

2. Function in meeting

Sign in: one key to enter and sign in, backstage host will automatically summarize and store records after information signed,.

File distribution: The files can be distributed in the conference, support multi-type multi-format file distribution (documents, pictures, PPT, PDF ), support the original file distribution, support

temporary files and fixed file distribution.

Browsing: intuitive display the conference topics and files, support multiple topic files display synchronously, user can click for searching and browsing, support PPT dynamic playback, support topic file view permission restriction.

Document annotation: user can annotate the conference topic file during meeting, support one key to start the annotation, support the original document annotation and mark function, support

saving the original document annotation and automatically upload to the backstage host, support common office file: WORD and PDF.

Whiteboard: support personal use and interactive use, support multiple people at the same time sharing the same picture and character in the whiteboard , support whiteboard save and load,

support the whiteboard content synchronously display on projector.

File upload: paperless conference terminal panel has USB interface, it can read the USB disk file and upload to the backstage host.

Vote: edit the vote title, options, description, type, one key to start voting, and voting result will be real-time displayed on voting terminal.

Signal interaction: conference documents, electronic whiteboard, video playback, computer desktop and file annotation can be shared to other paperless terminal, support asynchronous browsing and tracking the speaker function, support synchronous broadcast permission setting.

Interconnection: user can directly transmit the remote video, camcorders, notebooks, computers, DVD and other high-definition images to other paperless conference terminals, so that to

realizesynchronous display. And user can also transmit the video or file to the projector or large screen synchronously .

Asynchronous browsing:when the speaker start the same screen broadcast in meeting, any of the paperless conference terminal can choose asynchronous browsing, exit the same screen

broadcast to the free model. Support one key tracking speaker and quickly inter into the same screen broadcast state, support permission restriction.

Conference communication: anyone of the paperless conference terminals can send conference information, support single or multi selecting recipient, support sending and receiving

information,real-time display, support message reply, announcement release, support backgstage sending notification and separate reply .

Web browsing: support browsing the Ethernet network, user can visit OA, e-mail and so on.

Conference services: any of the paperless conference terminal can ask for tea, stationery, personnel, microphone and other service call.Support personalized call service, support for custom calls.

Control function: support meeting attendance, conference topics, conference voting, interactive signal, meeting closing and other chairman management functions; support any of the conference

terminal setting the chairman function, support the permission limit.

Chairman function: terminal support chairman function: launch sign in, system automatically sign in, unified reset sign-in function, and conference control.

Conference notice: backgstage host support to send notice to all paperless conference terminals, support to send notice point to point ,support front-end conference terminal sending messages to

the backgstage host.

Backgstage control: backstage host support unified control of paperless conference terminals, including LCD lift, power on, power off, same screen broadcast and other functions.

3. Functions After meeting

Information records:It can record all kinds of information after the meeting, including: sign in information, voting information, document annotations, personnel information, conference

information, support one key call for checking.

Information export: the conference information can be exported to the backgstage host and saved in local hard disk, or transmitted to other conference terminals.

Empty meeting information: support automatically or manually empty the meeting information, support server automatically or manually empty the meeting information, support conference

terminal automatically emptied all it’s own conference information.