Factory PA System

Factory PA System

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Factory is a place with lots of staff and equipment, so there will be inadequate communication of production instructions, no work punctuality, and no quick order maintenance in an emergence, causing loss of personnel and property; in order to make the factory under effective management in an orderly manner, our company designs a system solution that it is reasonably equipped with amplifiers, speakers and auxiliary equipment in the entire factory area to achieve traditional broadcast functions. The integrated public address system can publish voice broadcast and initiate paging to achieve a full range high-quality effects. Besides,, it can achieve regular broadcast of background music, business broadcast, emergency broadcast and system timing playback function for fully intelligent broadcast. As the system is designed with a fire system, the fire center can trigger the broadcast to enter the fire broadcast state, and can broadcast the emergency broadcast to the factory in a timely manner, to reduce the loss of property and personnel as much as possible when an emergency occurs.

2. Features

Features of PAVA8000 Voice Alarm PA System for Factory

3. Factory PA System Connection Diagram

4. Attainable Functions

1. Fire Linkage

When a fire alarm occurs in the plant, the fire center will transfer the fire signal to the broadcast center, and the broadcast server will automatically enter the fire broadcast. If a fire alarm occurs in the workshop or warehouse, the whole factory will enter the fire alarm state, so that personnel can be quickly and effectively organized to reach the fire scene and extinguish the fire; if a fire alarm occurs in the office area, the office area and living area will enter the fire alarm state, which can avoid panic for workshop staff. After all, there are many people and equipment in the workshop, and it may cause accidents. If a fire occurs in the living area, only the living area will enter the fire alarm state.

2.  Remote Paging and Zone Extension
The personnel on the front desk or the leader office of the factory can use the remote paging microphone to quickly page to different zones of the factory to find people or publish emergency messages, up to 30 remote paging microphones.

3. Timing Broadcast and Self-test
The factory’s commute reminder music is set in the main control room or through the remote computer. Broadcast management personnel can set different commuting schemes every day according to the actual needs of the factory, which can achieve unattended operation, and can also set up one-time tasks if there is a temporary need; the system host can check whether the system speaker, extender and microphone anytime and anywhere are offline or not connected.

4. Background Music and Remote Control
The control center can not only arbitrarily select music for playing in all areas of the factory, but also make the host and extender play different audios at the same time, enriching the daily life of employees. The personnel on the front desk is responsible for the broadcasting work of the factory, broadcasting the instructions of the superiors and temporary notices. In order to strengthen the coordination and cooperation among the various departments, leaders at all levels can remotely control the zone broadcast or designated broadcast in different zones, and issue production tasks and important information notifications via the software;

5. Permission Settings
The system can set up various roles, such as administrators, supervisors, query administrators and control administrators. The administrators with different permissions can perform different authorization operations. In addition, it can set permission on the terminals. Therefore, unauthorized operations are invalid (Note: In addition to the main administrator, 10 sub-controllers can be added).

5. Product List

ITEM NO. Model Name Quantity
1 PAVA8500 8 Zones Voice Evacuation System 1
2 PAV8500E 8 Zones Voice Evacuation System Extender Amplifier 1
3 PAVA8008 Remote Paging Station 3
4 MAG2107C PA System Multifunctional CD Player with Bluetooth 1
5 MP6450 500W Power Amplifier with DC 24V and Priority Input 1
6 DSP602EN 6.5” Fireproof Ceiling Speaker 30
7 DSP106II 3W-10W Aluminum grille Wall Mount Speaker 6
8 DSP8062B 4-20W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap 10
9 DSP208 20W-40W Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker 14

Note: This table is for reference only. DSPPA PA SYSTEM