Smart Home Music System

Smart Home Music System

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  • Jun, 13 2022
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M a i n F u n c t i o n o f I n – w a l l A m p l i f i e r

1. Adopt high-sensitivity touch screen, faster response.
2. Audio format: support MP3, WMA, APE, AAC, AC3, and a lot music format.
3. Sound effect function: support general, pop, smooth, jazz, rock, accent, six kinds of sound effects.
4. Support Bluetooth,FM,USB, SD card,or wifi function.
5. Support Aux In and Auido Out.
6. FM function: built-in full digital automatic FM radio, 30 radio stations are stored.
7. Support external TF card, 32GB maximum.
8. U disk (support 32GB) to read music, easily set up family background music space.
9. Playback modes: four playback modes are adopted, single once, single loop, all once, and all loop.
10. Support Doorbell contact.
11. General setting function: support Chinese and English language switching.
12. Volume adjustment: 30-level electronic volume adjustment function.
13. Power-off memory function: remember the state played before the last shutdown.
14. Infrared remote control function: provide a variety of shortcut keys and humanized operation.
15. Bluetooth function: support the pairing of external Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones to
realize audio playback.
16. I/O trigger function: external trigger to start playing music, trigger standby and other modes, can
be used as electronic music doorbell, and intelligent Linkage control of switches.

A3 In -wa ll Amplifier

• Bluetooth wireless connectivity,Supplied with I.R. remote control
• Built-in stereo amplifier of 2 x 15 watts output
• Internal Bluetooth, USB/SD media player and FM tuner
• Volume control through panel keys or the supplied remote control
• 5 program of timer to scheduled power on/off
• 30 levels of attenuation through remote control or key functions on front panel
• Memory setting, with contact for door bell and remote trigger broadcast
• Black or white color option

A 3 D I n – w a l l A m p l i f i e r & C e i l i n g S p e a k e r S e t
• Stereo amplifier in-wall system with 2 ceiling speakers
• 2x 15W Class-D digital amplifier
• Built-in media players includes blue tooth Streaming, FM radio, USB, microSD card and line level AUX
• 2x 5″ low profile 15 watts ceiling speaker with superior Hi-Fi sound performance
• Touch sensitive panel with English display
• Including back box, 10m cable and a remote control