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The T-67240 IP amplifier is an ideal network audio solution for mid-sized systems that require an interface capable of streaming audio from the Internet and distributing an amplified signal to an installed speaker system.

The T-67240 is able to transmit program material directly from the web to its inbuilt amplifier and then out to 100V, 70V or low impedance speakers.

The T-67240 network amplifier is a 3U rack-mountable device and features a built-in power amplifier with a power rating of 240W. Via dual RJ45 connections, the T-67240 is easily installable anywhere on an existing TCPIP network making the requirement for dedicated and additional control cables redundant. Multiple speakers are connected directly to the unit and are powered by the built-in power amplifier.

Ethernet connectivity provides many advantages such as extremely long cable runs as well as the ability to control the unit remotely and securely. The device can be accessed over IP and parameters such as local program selection, volume and device parameters such as the IP address can be managed remotely. The T-67240 enters into automatic enter standby mode if there is no input detected for 5 minutes and automatically reverts back to normal operation once signal returns.

Additionally,  there is a local line level input for local inputs,  as well as a line level output. There are two levels of priority output: Voice evacuation system (given the highest priority by default) and a local input with secondary priority over program source. This setting can be customized as required. Indicators include output level meter, amplifier power indicator, a protection indicator, and equipment power indicator.

The T-67240 features high temperature, overload and short circuit amplifier protection completely built-in. The system can have the addition of up to three wired volume controllers as optional extras.


> IP network Amplifier with built-in 240W amplifiers

> Directly receives streaming audio via the Internet and transmits to 70V, 100V and low impedance speakers

> Completely integrates with almost any existing TCPIP network

> Extremely cost-effective network audio solution for multiple speaker applications

> 5″ LCD screen on the front panel for clear and simple operation

> Zone capabilities include: one unit set as one zone or multiple units set as one zone

> One Aux input and one local microphone input, both with volume control

> Configurable remotely over IP – Volume control, IP address, local program selection etc.

> Voice evacuation system with higher priority and local input with secondary priority

> Local input and program source priority fully customizable

T-67240 Specifications:

Power Output 240W
Speaker Output 70V, 100V & 4-16ohms
Network Input Standard RJ45
Protocol Support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP
Audio Formats MP3/MP2
Sampling Rate 8K~48KHz
Transmit Speed 10Mbps
Audio Format 16 digit stereo CD level
Frequency Output (+1dB, -3dB)
THD less than 0.5% at 1KHz 1/3 rated power
S/N Ratio 65dB
Aux Input 350mV
Mic Input 5mV
Standby Power Consumption 3W
Power Consumption <350W
Protection High temp, overload and short-circuit
Power Supply ~230V/50Hz
Dimensions 484 x 360 x 132 mm
Weight 15kg

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