MAG6301 MAG63PL Network Wireless Zone Explanation System



● With all functions of the network system such as background music playback, timing broadcast, paging and fire alarm.
● The system shares the broadcasting speakers for sound reinforcement of live explanation without being affected by the broadcasting, enabling seamless and smooth switching among the explanation areas, allowing free switching of explanations of the on-site docent while walking from one area to another.
● Adopt UWB technology for accurate detection, and calculate the distance from the people to the base station through the flight time of the electromagnetic wave from the tag to the base station, with an error accuracy of up to about 10cm.
● Work with the system host for multi-zone timed explanation and cycle explanation.
● Support priority settings for audio sources of the terminal, with the highest priority given to the wireless microphone, and provide three priority modes, including local priority, network priority and mixed.
● Support mixed output when more than one docent speaks in the same zone, and allow up to 4 different docents to speak in turn.
● In the same system, up to 200 docents can speak simultaneously without interfering with each other.
● The live explanation is not affected in an offline state.
● With explanation zone grouping function. When there is a docent in the grouped zone, a certain channel will be activated, and all the channels corresponding to the grouped zone will be activated.
● All areas are centrally managed and controlled by the server.


System Indicators Parameters
Frequency Range 632-695.25MHz
Adjustable Range 60MHz
Channel Spacing 250KHz
Frequency Stability Within ±0.005%
Dynamic Range 88dB
Maximum Frequency Deviation ±45 KHz
Audio Response 140Hz-12KHz(±3dB)
Comprehensive S/N Ratio >70dB
Comprehensive Distortion ≤1%
Operating Temperature -10℃-+40℃
Effective Service Range ≤100m (in open environment)
Wireless Interface BNC/50Ω
Sensitivity ≤-95dBm
Spurious Rejection ≥75dB
Terminal Indicators Parameters
AUX IN Input Sensitivity 350 mV±50mV
Frequency Response 40Hz-16kHz(±3dB)
Distortion ≤1%
S/N Ratio ≥70dB
AUX OUT Output Sensitivity 1000 mV±100mV
Frequency Response 40Hz-16KHz(±3dB)
Distortion ≤1%
S/N Ratio ≥70dB
Maximum Output Power of Built-in Amplifier (Independent Channel Mode) 20W/4Ω
MIC IN Input Sensitivity 10 mV±2mV
Frequency Response 140Hz-12kHz(±3dB)
Distortion ≤1%
S/N Ratio ≥70dB
SD/NET/MP3 Playback Output Sensitivity ≥9V
Frequency Response 40Hz-16kHz(±3dB)
Distortion ≤1%
S/N Ratio ≥70dB
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Overcurrent, overheat, overvoltage, undervoltage protection Satisfied
Package Dimensions (L×W×H) 375×280×110mm
Machine Dimensions (L×W×H) 253×228×50.5mm
Net Weight 1.85kg
Gross Weight 2.6kg
Positioning Tag Indicators Parameters
Operating Frequency 3-8GHz
Battery Power 500MAH
Antenna Gain ≥2dbi
Operating Temperature 0℃~85℃
Storage Temperature 0℃~70℃
Operating Humidity 0 to 95%, no condensation
Protection Level ip67
Product Dimensions 110×65×10mm
Net Weight 30g
Charging Voltage 5V
DSP2612A High Power Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker


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