Dynamic Microphone


DM30 Professional Dynamic Microphone

DM30 Features:

● With full anti-interference
● Anti-electromagnetic interference and anti-mobile phone interference
● With switch impact eliminated
● Some special technology is applied to eliminating noise when switching on/off the microphone.
● Support battery

DM30 is specially designed and made for various kinds of meeting, lectures, broadcasting, recording occasion, etc. It adopts high-quality dynamic cartridge to make sure that the microphone has high sensitivity and good frequency response. It’s a dynamic microphone. Please read the following instruction carefully before using the microphone.

DM30 is shaking-proof conference microphone with switches (including built-in switches) and instructions. It can be assembled or disassembled easily. It’s designed to put on the desk. It has a strict audio transmission. Its base is made from Integral die-cast metal, delicate and small-sized.

The base is sprayed with anti-reflective black paint. 3-pin XLR female socket and a 3-digit XLR female socket are for input. 3-pin XLR male socket is for output.


Model DM30
Transducer Dynamic
Frequency response 30Hz-20kHz
Directivity   Super directivity
Output impedance (ohms)   75Ω
Sensitivity   -45dB
Maximum input volume   138dB sound pressure
Dynamic range   109 dB, 1 kHz
Signal to noise ratio   65 dB
Working voltage phantom 48V
Microtube length   455mm
Base size (w * d * h)   115 * 138 * 40 mm
Output   balanced
Anti-interference   Anti-mobile phone, anti-electromagnetic
Net weight 1.1KG
Gross weight 1.9KG
Packing size 450x175x75mm


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