PA Solution for Hospital

PA Solution for Hospital

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  • Nov, 11 2019
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Hospital is a large and special public place,which is required to be equipped witha complete intelligent broadcasting equipment. Theintelligent broadcasting can play different background music and broadcastsimultaneously in each zone,whichcannot only achieve high qualityin paging andvoice broadcasting in an all-round way,butrealize timing background music playing, businessbroadcasting,emergency broadcasting andother intelligent broadcasting.


Automatic broadcasting function in the hospital areas, andzone management, zone paging andemergency broadcast forhospital floors.

Realized Functions


1.Information broadcasting: The hospital can introduce the hospitalsituation, organization structure and doctors on dutyin thehallthrough the broadcast system. The service deskuses theremote paging station to broadcast announcement andinformationas well as pagingand so on;

2.Nurse station communications: Each nurse stationisequipped with a network paging microphone, to achievezonepaging onthis floor ortoother floors withguidance and emergency services

3.Sub-control management:Managers and leaders can log in the management page of the broadcasting system through the computer in their own office instead of going to the computer room, tobroadcast music, release and manage the notice in the hospital

4.Background Music:Use background music broadcasting to broadcast medical knowledge in the outdoor public area of the hospital, and play some relaxing background music in the patient recovery area.

5.Emergency broadcasting:If a fire emergency occurs on a certain floor of the hospital, the alarm terminal will activate the broadcasting system to make the corresponding area enter the emergency broadcast state. The emergency broadcast can be limited to the accident area or extended to several adjacent areas (which can be set) to minimize the loss caused by the accident.

Product List

ITEMNO. Model Name Quantity
1 MAG6182II IP Network Public Address Center 1
2 MAG6180 IP Network Software 1
3 MAG6416II 6.5” Fireproof Ceiling Speaker 1
4 CM10 PA Paging microphone 1
5 MAG6463 IP Network wall mount speaker 1
6 MAG6588 IP Network paging station 11
7 MP9807C PA System MP3 CD/VCD/DVD Player 1
8 MP9808R PA System Digital AM,FM Tuner 1
9 MAG2123S Sequence controller 1
10 MAG6835 350W IP Network Amplifier 10
11 DSP647 15W-30W Rock Speaker 11
12 DSP8062B 4-20W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap 10
13 DSP802 3W-10W Ceiling Speaker 200