Evacuation Voice Alarm PA System

Evacuation Voice Alarm PA System

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  • Jan, 12 2020
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It’s the integration of fire alarm broadcast, business broadcast and background music broadcast. It runs on both LAN and WAN. Digital transmission solves the problem of signal attenuation and environmental electromagnetic interference during the long distance. What’s more, it’s easy for contractors to be installed, for the system adopts common network structure.

System Function

1) The host has 4 internal modules for audio sources.

We’ve already provided our users with emergency message voice in the host. Meanwhile, users could change the voice freely, according to their practical necessity.

2) Users could let the system transmit 13 channel of audio message to different partition simultaneously.

1ch Emergency Microphone, 2ch Emergency Voice Message, 1ch Prompt Sound, 1ch Background Music, 4ch AUX, 4ch Remote Paging Microphone

3) Multiple programmable alarm modes

The system could achieve adjacent alarm, specified partition alarm, overall zones alarm and so on, which meets the demand of various circumstances.

4) Scheduled program broadcast

Through using internal MP3 player and internal timer, users’re able to set scheduled tasks freely.

5) Local program broadcast

The host, 8ch power amplifier and amplifier changeover furnishes users with port to input local audio sources or microphone.

6) Telephone Broadcast

7) 1 button to do paging and 1 button to reset

On the front panel of the host, there’re 2 buttons, 1 for paging, the other for reset.

8) Remote broadcast and remote control

The host supports 4 remote station and the distance is up to 1 Km. Via remote station, users could do paging to any zones and on-demand unicast any audio sources stored in the host.

9) Backup

Both the 8ch power amplifier and amplifier changeover has the function of backup to ensure the whole system runs stably when the host fails.

10) 2 modes of volume control forced switching

Both 3-wire and 4-wire forced switching are available.

11) Real time status display

With complete indications for power status, operating status, failure status and so on

12) Real time status output

With port to output status signal to the third-party devices

13) Port for working with the third-party system

Our system offers port to work with fire detection system, CCTV system, remote control system and so on.

Product List

1) VA-6000MA Emergency Voice Alarm P.A. System Controller    x1

2) VA-6000RM Remote Paging Microphone    x1

3) T-521A Desktop Microphone    x1

4) Telephone    x1

5) T-6222 Radio Tuner    x1

6) T-6221 CD Player    x1

7) T-6205 Programmable Power Controller    x1

8) T-6216 Power Sequencer    x1

9) VA-P4120 4ch Digital Power Amp    x1

10) VA-6000MS 8ch Amplifier Changeover    x2

11) VA-P120 1 Channel Digital Power Amp    x1

12) VA-P500 1 Channel Digital Power Amp    x1

13) VA-P2500 2ch Digital Power Amp    x2

14) T-671F Volume Control    xN

15) VA-585 Fireproof Speaker    xN


1) Integration of Fire Alarm Broadcast and Public Address System

The whole system provides function of scheduled program broadcast, evacuation message broadcast, programmable business message broadcast, scheduled background music broadcast and so on.

2) Latest Tech. & Reliable Design

To Adopt ASD system to diagnosis fault automatically; To adopt SIM speaker line auto detection; To adopt DLB automatic redundancy technology.

3) Based on Both LAN & WAN

Users only need to use CAT 5 cable to build up the whole system.

4) To Adopt CAN BUS

CAN BUS linkage port is distributed in the host, amp changeover, zoning amplifier and the linkage port is up to 592 so that it’s easy to work with third-party system and to be installed.

5) Real Time Monitor of Operating and the storage event log ≤2000

6) With User-friendly Interface in Touch Screen

Users control the whole system via the touch screen. When the emergency happens, users only need to press 1 button to do paging which ensure fast response speed.

7) Flexible Partition Collocation

The controller could output 255 channel matrix-style audio signal which could build up system including 56 power partition and 255 signal partition. It’s satisfied solution for small to large projects.

8) Digital Amplifier to Ensure Hi-fi Sound Quality