Auditorium Sound System

Auditorium Sound System

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The Auditorium Sound System: Amplifying Every Experience

Whether it’s a stirring performance, a captivating lecture, or a heart-pounding movie, the quality of your auditorium sound system can make or break the experience. More than just speakers and wires, it’s the invisible orchestra conductor, guiding sound to every corner and ensuring every nuance reaches your audience’s ears.

The Symphony of Sound:

A good auditorium sound system takes into account the unique acoustics of the space, tailoring sound distribution to deliver optimal clarity and balance.


  • Crystal-clear dialogue in a play, without a single mumbled word lost in the back row.
  • Musicians’ instruments resonating with vibrant detail, each note distinct and powerful.
  • Film soundtracks enveloping the audience, transporting them to the heart of the action.

This isn’t magic, it’s the careful interplay of these key elements:

  • Speakers: Strategically placed throughout the auditorium, ensuring even coverage and minimizing echoes. Line arrays, for instance, focus sound precisely, directing it towards the audience rather than bouncing off walls.
  • Amplifiers: Providing enough power to fill the space without distortion, even for loud moments.
  • Mixing consoles: Allowing fine-tuning of sound levels, microphone inputs, and effects to create the perfect mix for each event.
  • Acoustic treatment: Absorbing unwanted sound reflections and echoes, ensuring clarity and reducing noise fatigue.

Beyond the Basics:

Modern auditorium sound systems offer a range of features to enhance the experience further:

  • Digital signal processing (DSP): Enhances sound quality with features like equalization, delay, and compression.
  • Wireless microphones: Free performers from cables, allowing for dynamic movement and audience interaction.
  • Assistive listening systems: Providing amplified sound for hearing-impaired individuals.
  • Automated control systems: Simplifying operation and ensuring consistent sound quality for every event.

Investing in the Stage:

A high-quality auditorium sound system is an investment in the success of your venue. It elevates the quality of every event, attracting audiences, improving engagement, and leaving a lasting positive impression.


  • Consult with an audio professional: They can assess your specific needs and recommend the right system for your space and budget.
  • Prioritize quality over price: Cutting corners on sound can significantly impact the audience experience.
  • Regular maintenance: Ensure your system is in peak condition with regular checkups and cleaning.

With the right sound system, your auditorium can become a stage for unforgettable experiences. Let the music play, the voices soar, and the stories unfold, all amplified by the magic of a well-designed and expertly managed sound system.

So, go forth and conduct your own sonic symphony!

Additional Tips:

  • Test your system regularly: Make sure everything is working properly before an event.
  • Train your staff: Teach your team how to operate the system and troubleshoot any issues.
  • Get feedback: Ask your audience for their feedback on the sound quality.


DSPPA Professional Sound System for Auditorium

Professional Sound System for Auditorium

1. Solution Description
The auditorium can accommodate more than 300 people, with an area of 390m2, about 28m in length, about 14m in width and 4.3m in height. And the stage is about 9m in length and 6m in width. According to the scale positioning and functional design of the entire auditorium, the sound reinforcement system will include: the sound reinforcement system for audiences, the monitoring system for the stage, and the monitoring system for the control room. The system uses mature professional sound reinforcement technology, which is advanced, integrated and reliable to some extent.

Reasons for professional sound system design:

Array speakers integrate professional speakers, power amplifiers, and digital signal processing units to make full use of power of each watt. The digital signal processing unit can manage and optimize performance, as well as protect the power amplifier and sound reinforcement unit. And the unique correction technology can enhance the accuracy of sound expression and reduce on-site commissioning work. The array speaker system can transmit line-level signals, with low line loss and better sound quality.

2. Connection Diagram

Professional Sound System Solution for Auditorium

3. Attainable Functions
Attainable Functions of Professional Sound System for Auditorium

1. The sound reinforcement system is mainly composed of speakers, power amplifiers, mixers, microphones, sound sources and other equipment, which can realize simple meetings, lectures, special reports, etc.

2. D6650 and D6662A can be used as the audio source inputs, based on the customer’s needs for speeches, special symposiums and work reports of single or multiple person.

3. MG16, D6573 and D6644H can be used as professional audio processing equipment, making the sound clear without distortion and feedback howling.

4. In this system, we arrange two series of array speakers LA1408/1408S on both sides of the stage for full sound pressure, even sound field and accurate sound image positioning on the scene; four 150W full-range professional speakers D6563 for stage monitor speakers at the front of the stage, allowing the actors to synchronize their singing and performance with the music program; and six 250W full-range professional speakers D6564 for auxiliary sound reinforcement on both sides of the seat, making the live music clear with a better performance.

5. The system can not only modify vocals and musical instrument sounds or produce specific effects according to the requirements of the performance, but also pick up and record live programs, and adjust in a timely manner when a broadcast failure occurs, as the monitor speakers have been installed on the stage and the control room.

4. Product List

ITEM NO. Model Name QTY
1 D6650 UHF Wireless microphones 1
2 D6662A Desktop UHF Wireless Microphone System 1
3 MG16 16 Channel Audio Mixer (YAMAHA) 1
4 D6573 Feedback Suppressor 1
5 D6644H 16 channel Digital Audio Processor 1
6 MX3000II Professional Stereo Amplifier(8Ω;2x650W) 1
7 MX2000II Professional Stereo Amplifier(8Ω;2x300W) 3
8 MX1500II Professional Stereo Amplifier(8Ω;2x250W) 2
9 MX2500II Professional Stereo Amplifier(8Ω;2x400W) 3
10 LA1408 200W 8” Passive Array Full Range Speaker 6
11 LA1408S 400W 15” Passive Array Subwoofer 2
12 D6563 8” 150W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker 8 Ohm 4
13 D6564 10” 250W Professional Two Way Cabinet speaker 8Ohm 6
14 D5A Speaker Bracket (Wall Mount) 6
15 DSP6606 Active Wall Mount Speaker for Monitoring 1
16 D6572II 8 Channel Power Supply Sequence Controller 2
17 MP40U 40U 19″ Audio Racks with Door and Fan 1


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